DAY FOURTEEN Tuesday 4 June

Woke to another perfect day with swallows circling outside our Juliet balcony; sent a comprehensive report about Saturday’s Verdi requiem performance to Simon; got ready to leave; roused Gary.PHOTO_20190604_082249

Finished the Nescafe and the English Breakfast Tea Bags and two ridiculous pastries purchased the day before for the ‘just-in-case’ scenario – ridiculous, as in visually completely different, but both containing the same custardy substance.

Bye bye Barcelona.

A swift walk 4 x 4 blocks to Passeig de Gracia station where we successfully operated the ticket machine but less competently negotiated the stairs (see Day Twelve), and caught a direct train to the airport.  Walking from the train we noticed a little dog was also going to fly, his cabin baggage sized kennel on his mum’s back.

With loads of time to devote to whatever Barcelona airport’s departures required – our backpacks were considered ‘special’ and had to be taken to an isolated conveyor belt – we walked the length of Terminal 2 stopping for coffee and attending to a forgotten Festival of Voices issue.  Security was as always – I’d forgotten to drink or throw my water – and boarding had all the similarities of previous times excepting that the size of the ‘small bag’ allowance redefined ‘small’; a fully laden backpack plus two over the shoulder bags didn’t raise an eyebrow for example. PHOTO_20190604_113115

Flying over the alps was stunning.  Whose alps?  Not sure.  More research. PHOTO_20190604_144628

No fuss exit at Prague airport but our booked driver was delayed.  What a surprise when he did appear; quite alternative looking (hippy-esque), with few English words (asked if we had drugs in our backpacks) and a swish BMW.  The drive to our apartment seemed lengthy and complicated but revealed a green healthy landscape and so many distinctive buildings, both residential and public.  Wenceslaus Square was a buzz with what looked like a concert about to happen but it turned out to be a protest of some 100, 000 passionate Czechs wanting to oust the Prime Minister or as I saw, the Crime Minister, Bablis. PHOTO_20190604_191736

We drank beer and ate a vaclavske trdlo, found a supermarket for provisions and returned to our new home to write a blog;  the excitement of the protest an audible presence. PHOTO_20190604_185924

Icecreams and people watching on the Square; Gary is not impressed, giving it full marks for tackiness prompted by obvious pining for Barcelona.

Maybe tomorrow will show us why Prague is a jewel for so many.

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